Choc Pink Linear 20g


Kailh Choc Pink Switches are low-profile, linear mechanical keyboard switches.

Choc Switches

Choc switches use a different footprint to the more common MX style switches. This means that they can only be used with a PCB/Keyboard that has been specifically designed for use with Chocs. The main differences from MX style switches are:

  • With a height of 11mm, they are more low profile than MX style switches which are around 18.5mm.
  • They have a smaller footprint and therefore it is possible to place them closer together than MX switches. Keyboards for MX switches alot 19.05mm x 19.05mm per 1u key. Choc keyboards on the other hand typically either use the same MX spacing, and be referred to as having "MX spacing" or alot 18mm (width) x 17mm (height) per 1u key and be referred to as having "Choc spacing". This allows for more compact keyboards which might be preferred for example for making small, portable keyboards, or people with small hands. It is worth noting that most Choc keycaps are designed to fit keyboards with Choc spacing but some (notable Work Louder keycaps) are too large and can only be used for Choc keyboards with MX spacing.
  • There are much less options available, only Kailh make Choc switches since the design it patented, and the range of keycaps availble is a tiny fraction of what is available for MX style switches.

Whilst MX style switches are by far the most popular switch type for mechanical keyboards in general, for ergonomic mechanical keyboards specifically, Choc switches are comparitively popular. This is likely because the lack of the vastly more limited choice of keycaps limits adoption for typical mechanical keyboards whereas this is less of a problem for ergonomic keyboards where aesthetics are often not the primary concern and blank keycaps are more commonly used. Choc switches are a tried and tested choice with a good variety of types.

Choc Pinks

These are very light Choc switch and a popular choice.


  • Type: linear
  • Product number: CPG135001D01
  • Actuation force: 20±10gf
  • Actuation travel: 1.5±0.5mm
  • Total travel: 3.0±0.5mm
  • Mechanical life: 50million cycles

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